SimToo Releases the Latest Dragon Pro on 2016 CES for Better User Experience

January 6th is the day of the world greatest electronic tradeshow-CES 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The CES has been a party for various amazing electronic consumer devices that may change people’s life. 

2015 has been the era of drones. There is no doubt that drones gather most of the mass attention on the CES, which mostly come from China, including SimToo. Without simply showing off the unpractical functions and specifications, SimToo focus more on solving the problems that most users concern, as well as meeting the unsatisfied demand of beginners or inexperienced users.
This time on the CES, SimToo releases the latest product Dragonfly Pro, which make 3 breakthroughs compared with the first version dragonfly 1.0:

1.Higher Durability
Enhanced PC airframe and carbon fiber arm eliminate the material loss. Pilots don’t have to worry too much about the plane crash or collision against obstacles.
2.Higher Image Quality
9 glasses crystal distortion-free lens with industrial 3D gimbal makes sure the high definition and stabilization of image.
3.Easier control for Pilot
The RC smart watch is upgraded with a colorful screen and small control stick for easier distance adjustment. GPS tracker and the watch come into one gadget and dragonfly will follow you more precisely.

4.Higher resolution visual transfer
An accessory for remote visual transfer with high resolution of 720p/5.8GHz/1Km is added to meet your need for more professional photo shooting in the air.

Not only in the air, Dragonfly Pro offers the complete outfit for various photography on the move. No matter it is for riding, driving, skiing or parachute jumping, the camera can be removed from the aircraft and fit in a “suit” for filming in any conditions.
Get all of them for a travel around the world.
Spending great efforts on products, SimToo always keep the promises to the users. We make every function real as announced earlier, deliver drones on the promising time and deal with every feedback from the users.
Through the CES, the world will get to know SimToo and we will never fail you!