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1.    What is the max flight time of dragonfly?

Around 25 minutes.


2.    What is the flight height and range of dragonfly?

With watch the flight height is 30m and the range is 50m. If with remote controller, the height could be 120m and range could be 1 km.


3.    What is the distance of video transmission? Does the video stream delay?

Video transmission by WIFI is 30m. The video may delay for 1 second after exceeding 30m.


4.    Is the aircraft and the watch waterproof?

The waterproof rate is IP54. But it is not recommended to fly under rains.


5.    Can dragonfly be controlled by with remote controller and watch at the same time?

One aircraft can be controlled with only one device.


6.    Can I see the video on the watch or remote controller? Can I use them to take photo or video?

Video is transmitted to mobile phone.Images are only taken by mobile APP. The watch and remote controller are only used to control the gimbal.


7.    Can I use my mobile phone to control dragonfly?

Later our APP will be upgraded with the ability to control the flight.


8.    Does dragonfly have obstacle-avoidance function?

Dragonfly cannot avoid obstacle by itself. It is recommended to fly in open space. But very soon our next new model will be built with obstacle-avoidance.


9.    What colors does dragonfly have?

Red, black and white.


10.  Does the whole unit include gimbal and camera?

The whole package includes a 3D gimbal and 4K camera.


11.  What will happen if dragonfly loses control?

Dragonfly will return to the home point autonomously.


12.  How strong wind can dragonfly resist?

Beaufort No. 6 (49km/hr).


13.  Can dragonfly work in frozen weather?

The lowest working temperature of battery is -10.


14.  Can dragonfly carry other types of sports camera?

The gimbal supports other sport camera if the size can fit.


15.  What is the warranty of dragonfly?

Repair or replacement is free of charge within 12 months after purchase. However, this warranty doesn’t cover the damage caused by customer’s miuse. Please read through the user manual before fly.